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Taking Full Advantage of Rare Metal and Rare Earth's Intelligence!
  • Rare Metal Materials
    Rare Metal Materials
    As the key materials for electronics and optoelectronics, high-purity metal is not limited to the requirement for high purity. The control over residual impure matter is also of great importance. Richness of category and shape, high purity, reliability and stability in supply are the essence accumulated by UrbanMines Tech. Limited  since its establishment.
  • Rare Metal Compounds
    Rare Metal Compounds
    With “industrial design” as the concept, UrbanMines Tech. Limited process and supply high-purity rare metallic oxide and high-purity salt compound such as acetate and carbonate for advanced industries such as fluor and catalyst by OEM. Based on the required purity and density,UrbanMines rapidly cater to the batch demand or small batch demand for samples.UrbanMines is also open for discussions about new compound matter.
  • Rare-Earth Elements
    Rare-Earth Elements
    Rare-Earth Elements products play a crucial role in electronics, communications , advanced aviation, healthcare, and military hardware. UrbanMines Tech. Limited suggests various types of rare earth metals, rare earth oxides, and rare earth compounds that are optimal for customer needs, which include light rare earth and medium and heavy rare earth. UrbanMines is able to offer the grades desired by customers. Average  particle sizes:1 μm, 0.5 μm, 0.1 μm and others. Widely used for Ceramics sintering aids, Semiconductors, Rare earth magnets, Hydrogen storing alloys, Catalysts, Electronic components, Glass and others.

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URBANMINES TECH. LIMITED is a worldwide supplier of Rare Metal Oxides and Compounds,  Rare-Earth Oxides and Compounds, and high purity raw materials. It was established in 2010 to OEM and supply high quality Rare Metal and Rare Earth products to our customers in the research and development fields.
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Xi Calls For Deepening Reform, Opening-up Amid Global Challenges
14 Oct, 2020 Xi Calls For Deepening Reform, Opening-up Amid Global Challenges
ChinaDaily | Updated: 2020-10-14 11:0 President Xi Jinping attended a grand gathering on Wednesday celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, and delivered a speech. Here are some highlights: Feats and experiences - The establishment of special economic zones is a great innovative move made by the Communist Party of China and the country in advancing reform and opening-up, as well as socialist modernization - Special Economic Zones contribute significantly to China's reform and opening-up, modernization - Shenzhen is a brand-new city created by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people since the country's reform and opening-up began, and its progress over the past 40 years is a miracle in the history of world development - Shenzhen has made five historic leaps forward since the establishment of the special economic zone 40 years ago: (1) From a small backward border town to an international metropolis with global influence; (2) From implementing economic system reforms to deepening reform in all respects; (3) From mainly developing foreign trade to pursuing high-level opening up in an all-round way; (4) From advancing economic development to coordinating socialist material, political, cultural and ethical, social and ecological advancement; (5) From ensuring people's basic needs are met to completing the building of a high-quality moderately prosperous society in all respects. - Shenzhen's achievements in reform and development come through trials and tribulations - Shenzhen has acquired valuable experience in reform and opening-up - Forty years of reform and opening-up of Shenzhen and other SEZs have created great miracles, accumulated valuable experience and deepened the understanding of the laws of building the SEZs of socialism with Chinese characteristics Future plans - Global situation facing significant changes - Construction of special economic zones in a new era should uphold socialism with Chinese characteristics - The Communist Party of China Central Committee supports Shenzhen in implementing pilot programs to deepen
  • 08

    Aug 2020

    Barium Carbonate Market Report 2020: Industry Overview, Growth, Trends, Opportunities and Forecast till 2025
    Published: Aug. 8, 2020 at 5:05 a.m. ET The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content. Aug 08, 2020 (SUPER MARKET RESEARCH via COMTEX) -- The global barium carbonate market has grown at a CAGR of nearly 8% during 2014-2019. Looking forward, the market is expected to continue its moderate growth during the next five years., according to a new report by IMARC Group. Barium carbonates a dense, tasteless and odorless white-colored powder with the chemical formulaBaCO3. Naturally found in the mineral witherite, it is thermally stable and does not readily disassociate.Barium carbonate can also be manufactured from barium chloride mineral barite, and is commercially available in granular, powder and high-purity forms. Although insoluble in water,barium carbonates soluble in most acids, with the exception of sulfuric acid. Due to its chemical properties, barium carbonate finds application in the manufacturing of bricks, glass, ceramics, tiles and several chemicals. Market Trends: Barium carbonates widely used for glazing ceramic tiles as it acts as a crystallizing and matting agent and synthesizes unique colors when combined with specific coloring oxides. A rise in construction activities across the world has increased the usage of tiles, thereby stimulating market growth. In addition to this, barium carbonate increases the luster and refractive index of glass. Therefore, it is utilized in the production of cathode ray tubes, glass filters, optical glass and borosilicate glass. Several other factors that are contributing to the growth of the barium carbonate market include rising population, inflating disposable incomes, and increasing government expenditure on infrastructural activities. Note: As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis takes over the world, we are continuously tracking the changes in the markets, as well as the purchase behaviours of the consumers globally and our estimates about the latest market trends and forecasts are being done after considering the impact of this pandemic. Market Segmentation Performance of Key Regions 1. China 2. Japan 3. Latin America 4. Middle East and Africa 5. Europe 6. Others Market by End-Use 1. Glass 2. Brick and Clay 3. Barium Ferrites 4. Photographic Paper Coatings 5. Others Browse related reports Paraxylene (PX) Market Research Report and Forecast Bleaching Agents Market Research Report and Forecast
  • 06

    Aug 2020

    RARE EARTH METAL MARKET IS THRIVING WITH RISING LATEST TRENDS BY 2026 Rare Earth Metal Market report is a precise study of the Chemical and Materials industry which explains what the market definition, classifications, applications, engagements, and global industry trends are. The Rare Earth Metal Market report makes it effortless to identify the types of consumers, their response and views about particular products, their thoughts for the improvement of a product and appropriate method for the distribution of certain product. The report endows with the abundant insights and business solutions that will help you attain the new horizons of success. Well, for better decision making, sustainable growth, and maximum revenue generation today’s businesses call for such comprehensive market research report. Global rare earth metal market is expected to rise to an estimated value of USD 17.49 billion by 2026, registering a substantial CAGR in the forecast period of 2019-2026 Rare earth metals (REM), also known as rare earth elements (REE) are the collection of seventeen chemical elements in the environment. The term rare is given to them not due to the lack of abundance of these elements, rather their presence in the earth’s surface, they are quite difficult to explore as they are dispersed and not concentrated to a particular location. Global Rare Earth Metal Market Segmentation: Global Rare Earth Metal Market By Material Type (Lanthanum Oxide, Lutetium, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Erbium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Promethium, Scandium, Holmium, Dysprosium, Thulium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Others) Applications (Permanent Magnets, Catalysts, Glass Polishing, Phosphors, Ceramics, Colorants, Metallurgy, Optical Instruments, Glass Additives, Others) Sales Channel (Direct Sales, Distributor) Geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa) A market research study of this Rare Earth Metal report help businesses in gaining knowledge about what is already there in the market, what market looks forward to, the competitive background and steps to take up to outshine the rivals. This market report leads to systematic problem analysis, model building and fact-finding for the purpose of decision-making and control in the marketing of goods and services. This Rare Earth Metal Market report searches and analyses data which are relevant to marketing problems. By completely understanding client’s requirements and following them strictly, this Rare Earth Metal Market research report has been structured.
  • 06

    Jul 2020

    Global High-Purity Bismuths Market 2020 By Segment Forecasts 2026
    Global High-Purity Bismuths Market 2020 By Segment Forecasts 2026 An analysis report published by IndustryGrowthInsights (IGI) is an in-depth study and detailed information regarding the market size, market performance and market dynamics of the High-Purity Bismuths. The report offers a robust assessment of the Global High-Purity Bismuths Market to understand the current trend of the market and deduces the expected market trend for the High-Purity Bismuths market for the forecast period. Providing a concrete assessment of the potential impact of the ongoing COVID-19 in the next coming years, the report covers key strategies and plans prepared by the major players to ensure their presence intact in the global competition. With the availability of this comprehensive report, the clients can easily make an informed decision about their business investments in the market. This detailed report also highlights key insights on the factors that drive the growth of the market as well key challenges that are expected to hamper the market growth in the forecast period. Keeping a view to provide a holistic market view, the report describes the market components such as product types and end users in details with explaining which component is expected to expand significantly and which region is emerging as the key potential destination of the High-Purity Bismuths market. Moreover, it provides a critical assessment of the emerging competitive landscape of the manufacturers as the demand for the High-Purity Bismuths is projected to increase substantially across the different regions. The report, published by IndustryGrowthInsights (IGI), is the most reliable information because it consists of a concrete research methodology focusing on primary as well as secondary sources. The report is prepared by relying on primary source including interviews of the company executives and representatives and accessing official documents, websites, and press release of the companies. The IndustryGrowthInsights (IGI)’s report is widely known for its accuracy and factual figures as it consists of a concise graphical representations, tables, and figures which displays a clear picture of the developments of the products and its market performance over the last few years. Furthermore, the scope of the growth potential, revenue growth, product range, and pricing factors related to the High-Purity Bismuths market are thoroughly assessed in the report in a view to entail a broader picture of the market.
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