Bismuth Ingot

Bismuth is a silvery-red, brittle metal that is commonly found in the medical, cosmetic, and defense industries. UrbanMines takes full advantage of High Purity (over 4N) Bismuth Metal Ingot's intelligence.

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Element name: Bismuth 【bismuth】※, originating from German word “wismut”
Atomic weight=208.98038
Element symbol=Bi
Atomic number=83
Three status ●boiling point=1564℃ ●melting point=271.4℃
Density ●9.88g/cm3 (25℃) 
Making method: directly dissolve sulfide in burr and solution.

Property Description

White metal; crystal system, fragile even in room temperature; weak electricity and heat conductibility; strong anti-magnetic; stable in the air; generate hydroxide with water; generate halide with halogen; soluble in acid hydrochloric, nitric acid and aqua regia; generate alloys with multiple kinds of metal; the compound is also used in medicine; alloys with lead, tin and cadmium are used as alloys with low melting point; usually exist in sulfide; also produced as natural bismuth;exist in the earth crust with the amount of 0.008ppm.

High Purity Bismuth Ingot Specification

Item No. Chemical Composition
Bi Foreign Mat.≤ppm
Ag Cl Cu Pb Fe Sb Zn Te As
UMBI4N5 ≥99.995% 80 130 60 50 80 20 40 20 20
UMBI4N7 ≥99.997% 80 40 10 40 50 10 10 10 20
UMBI4N8 ≥99.998% 40 40 10 20 50 10 10 10 20

Packing: in wood case of 500kg net each. 

What is Bismuth Ingot used for?

Pharmaceuticals ,Low melting point alloys ,Ceramics ,Metallurgical alloys ,Catalysts ,Lubrication greases ,Galvanising ,Cosmetics ,Solders ,Thermo-electric materials ,Shooting Cartridges 

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