Barium Carbonate

Barium Carbonate is manufactured from natural barium sulfate (barite). Barium Carbonate standard powder, fine powder, coarse powder and granular are all can be custom-made at UrbanMines.

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Barium Carbonate

CAS No.513-77-9

Manufacturing Method

Barium Carbonate is manufactured from natural barium sulfate (barite) by reduction with petcoke and following precipitation with carbon dioxide.


BaCO3 Molecular Weight: 197.34; white powder; Relative weight: 4.4; Unable to dissolve in water or alcohol; Dissolve into BaO and carbon dioxide under 1,300℃; Dissolvable through acid.

High Purity Barium Carbonate Specification

Item No. Chemical Component Ignition residue  (max.%)
BaCO3≥(%) Foreign Mat.≤ppm
SrCO3 CaCO3 Na2CO3 Fe Cl Moisture 
99.75 150 30 30 3 200 1500 0.25
UMBC9900 99.00 450 50 50 40 250 3000 0.55

What is Barium Carbonate used for?

Optical glass, battery, ferrite, raw material for barium titanate, caustic soda, metal heat treatment agent, dye, kiln industry, pigment and barium salt. 

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