Tungsten Trioxide Powder

Tungsten(VI) Oxide, also known as tungsten trioxide or tungstic anhydride,  is a chemical compound containing oxygen and the transition metal tungsten. It is soluble in hot alkali solutions. Insoluble in water and acids. Slightly soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

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Tungsten Trioxide
Synonym: Tungstic anhydride,Tungsten(VI) oxide,Tungstic oxide
CAS No. 1314-35-8
Chemical formula WO3
Molar mass 231.84 g/mol
Appearance Canary yellow powder
Density 7.16 g/cm3
Melting point 1,473 °C (2,683 °F; 1,746 K)
Boiling point 1,700 °C (3,090 °F; 1,970 K) approximation
Solubility in water insoluble
Solubility slightly soluble in HF
Magnetic susceptibility (χ) −15.8·10−6 cm3/mol

High Grade Tungsten Trioxide Specification

Symbol Grade Abbreviation Formula F.s.s.s(µm) Apparent Density(g/cm³)  Oxygen Content Main content (%)
UMYT9997 Tungsten Trioxide Yellow Tungsten WO3 10.00~25.00 1.00~3.00 - WO3.0≥99.97
UMBT9997 Blue Tungsten Oxide Blue Tungsten WO3-X 10.00~22.00 1.00~3.00 2.92~2.98 WO2.9≥99.97

Note:Blue Tungsten mainly mixed ;   Packing:In iron drums with double inner plastic bags of 200kgs net each.

What is Tungsten Trioxide used for?

Tungsten Trioxide is used for many purposes in industry, such as tungsten and tungstate manufacturing which are used as X-ray screens and for fire proofing fabrics. It is used as a ceramic pigment. Nanowires of Tungsten (VI) oxide are capable of absorbing a higher percentage of the sun radiation since it absorbs blue light.

In everyday life,Tungsten Trioxide is frequently used in manufacturing tungstates for x-ray screen phosphors, for fireproofing fabrics and in gas sensors.  Due to its rich yellow color, WO3 is also used as a pigment in ceramics and paints. 

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