Nickel Carbonate

Nickel Carbonate is a light green crystalline substance, which is a water insoluble Nickel source that can easily be converted to other Nickel compounds, such as the oxide by heating (calcination).

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Nickel Carbonate
CAS No.3333-67-3
Properties: NiCO3, Molecular weight: 118.72; light green crystal or powder; soluble in acid but not soluble in water. 

Nickel Carbonate Specification

Symbol Nickel(Ni)% Foreign Mat.≤ppm size
Fe Cu Zn Mn Pb SO4
MCNC40 ≥40% 2 10 50 5 1 50 5~6μm
MCNC29 29%±1% 5 2 30 5 1 200 5~6μm

Packaging: bottle (500g); tin (10,20kg); paper bag (10,20kg); paper box (1,10kg)

What is Nickel Carbonate used for?

Nickel Carbonate is used to prepare nickel catalysts and several specialty compounds of nickel such as raw material for nickel sulfate. It also is used as a neutralizing agent in nickel plating solutions. Other applications are in coloring glass and in the manufacture of ceramic pigments.

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