Lanthanum Hydroxide

Lanthanum Hydroxide is a highly water insoluble crystalline Lanthanum source, which can be obtained by adding an alkali such as ammonia to aqueous solutions of lanthanum salts such as lanthanum nitrate.   This produces a gel-like precipitate that can then be dried in air. Lanthanum hydroxide does not react much with alkaline substances, however is slightly soluble in acidic solution. It is used compatibly with higher (basic) pH environments.

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Lanthanum hydroxide hydrate Properties

CAS No. 14507-19-8
Chemical formula La(OH)3
Molar mass 189.93 g/mol
Solubility in water Ksp= 2.00·10−21
Crystal structure hexagonal
Space group P63/m, No. 176
Lattice constant a = 6.547 Å, c = 3.854 Å

High Grade Lanthanum hydroxide hydrate Specification

Particle Size(D50)                                      Min. 0.03 um

Purity((La2O3/TREO) 99.95%
TREO(Total Rare Earth Oxides) 85.29%
RE Impurities Contents ppm Non-REEs Impurities ppm
CeO2 <10 Fe2O3 26
Pr6O11 <10 SiO2 85
Nd2O3 21 CaO 63
Sm2O3 <10 PbO <20
Eu2O3 Nd BaO <20
Gd2O3 Nd ZnO 4100.00%
Tb4O7 Nd MgO <20
Dy2O3 Nd CuO <20
Ho2O3 Nd SrO <20
Er2O3 Nd MnO2 <20
Tm2O3 Nd Al2O3 110
Yb2O3 Nd NiO <20
Lu2O3 Nd CL¯ <150
Y2O3 <10 L.O.I

Packaging】25KG/bag Requirements:moisture proof, dust-free, dry, ventilate and clean.

What is Lanthanum hydroxide hydrate used for?

Lanthanum Hydroxide, also called Lanthanum Hydrate, has diverse properties and uses, from base catalysis,glass,ceramic, electronic industry. to detection of carbon dioxide. It is also applied in specialty glass, water treatment and catalyst. Various compounds of lanthanum and other rare-earth elements (Oxides, Chlorides, etc.) are components of various catalysis, such as petroleum cracking catalysts. Small amounts of Lanthanum added to steel improves its malleability, resistance to impact, and ductility, whereas addition of Lanthanum to Molybdenum decreases its hardness and sensitivity to temperature variations. Small amounts of Lanthanum are present in many pool products to remove the Phosphates that feed algae.

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