Cobaltous Chloride

Cobaltous Chloride (CoCl2∙6H2O in commercial form), a pink solid that changes to blue as it dehydrates, is utilized in catalyst preparation and as an indicator of humidity.
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Cobaltous Chloride

Synonym: Cobalt chloride,Cobalt dichloride,Cobalt chloride hexahydrate.

CAS No.7791-13-1

Cobaltous Chloride Properties

CoCl2.6H2O Molecular weight (formula weight) is 237.85. It’s mauve or red columnar crystal of monoclinic system and it’s deliquescent. Its relative weight is 1.9 and melting point is 87℃. It will lose crystal water after being heated up and it becomes waterless matter under 120~140℃. It can fully solve in water, alcohol and acetone.

Cobaltous Chloride Specification

Item No. Chemical Component
Co≥% Foreign Mat.≤ppm
Ni Fe Cu Mn Zn Ca Mg Na Pb Cd SO42- Insol. In water
24 200 30 15 20 15 30 20 30 10 10 - 200
UMCC24B 24 100 50 50 50 50 150 150 150 50 50 500 300

Packing: neutral carton, Specification: Φ34 ×h38cm, with double-layer 

What is Cobaltous Chloride used for?

Cobaltous Chloride is used in the manufacturing of electrolytic cobalt, barometer, gravimeter, feed additive and other refined cobalt products. 

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