Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3) is a water insoluble carbonate salt of strontium, that can easily be converted to other Strontium compounds, such as the oxide by heating (calcination).
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Strontium Carbonate

Compound Formula SrCO3
Molecular Weight 147.63
Appearance White powder
Melting Point 1100-1494 °C (decomposes)
Boiling Point N/A
Density 3.70-3.74 g/cm3
Solubility in H2O 0.0011 g/100 mL (18 °C)
Refractive Index 1.518
Crystal Phase / Structure Rhombic
Exact Mass 147.890358
Monoisotopic Mass 147.890366 Da

High Grade Strontium Carbonate Specification

Symbol SrCO3≥(%) Foreign Mat.≤(%)
Ba Ca Na Fe SO4
UMSC998 99.8 0.04 0.015 0.005 0.001 -
UMSC995 99.5 0.05 0.03 0.01 0.005 0.005
UMSC990 99.0 0.05 0.05 - 0.005 0.01
UMSC970 97.0 1.50  0.50  - 0.01  0.40 

Packing: 25Kg or 30KG/2PE inner + round paper barre

What is Strontium Carbonate used for?

Strontium Carbonate (SrCO3) can be applied in a variety of industries, such as Display tube of color TV, ferrite magnetitum, fireworks, signal flare, metallurgy, optical lens, cathode material for vacuum tube, pottery glaze, semi-conductor, iron remover for sodium hydroxide, reference material. At present, strontium carbonates are commonly being applied as an inexpensive colorant in pyrotechnics since strontium and its salts produce a crimson read flame. Strontium carbonate, in general, is preferred in fireworks, compared with other strontium salts due to its inexpensive cost, nonhygroscopic property, and ability to neutralize acid. It can also be used as road flares and for preparing iridescent glass, luminous paints, strontium oxide or strontium salts and in refining sugar and certain drugs. It is also recommended as a substitute for barium to produce matte glazes. Besides, its applications involves in ceramics industry, where it serves as an ingredient in glazes, and in electric products, where it is used for the production of strontium ferrites to produce permanent magnets for loudspeakers and door magnets. Strontium carbonate is also used for manufacturing some superconductors such as BSCCO and also for electroluminescent materials.

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