Terbium(III,IV) Oxide

Terbium(III,IV) Oxide, occasionally called tetraterbium heptaoxide, has the formula Tb4O7, is a highly insoluble thermally stable Terbium source. Tb4O7 is one of the main commercial terbium compounds, and the only such product containing at least some Tb(IV) (terbium in the +4 oxidation state), along with the more stable Tb(III). It is produced by heating the metal oxalate, and it is used in the preparation of other terbium compounds. Terbium forms three other major oxides: Tb2O3, TbO2, and Tb6O11.

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Terbium(III,IV) Oxide Properties

CAS No. 12037-01-3
Chemical formula Tb4O7
Molar mass 747.6972 g/mol
Appearance Dark brown-black hygroscopic solid.
Density 7.3 g/cm3
Melting point Decomposes to Tb2O3
Solubility in water Insoluble

High Purity Terbium Oxide Specification

Particle Size(D50)  Min. 0.03 μm
Purity((Tb4O7)  99.995%
TREO(Total Rare Earth Oxides)


RE Impurities Contents ppm Non-REEs Impurities ppm
La2O3 3 Fe2O3 <2
CeO2 4 SiO2 <30
Pr6O11 <1 CaO <10
Nd2O3 <1 CL¯ <30
Sm2O3 3 L.O.I ≦1%
Eu2O3 <1
Gd2O3 7
Dy2O3 8
Ho2O3 10
Er2O3 5
Tm2O3 <1
Yb2O3 2
Lu2O3 <1
Y2O3 <1

【Packaging】25KG/bag Requirements:moisture proof, dust-free, dry, ventilate and clean.

What is Terbium(III,IV) Oxide used for?

Terbium (III,IV) Oxide, Tb4O7, is widely used as precursor for the preparation of other terbium compounds. It can be used as an activator for green phosphors, a dopant in solid-state devices and fuel cell material, special lasers and a redox catalyst in reactions involving oxygen. Composite of CeO2-Tb4O7 is used as catalytic automobile exhaust converters.As magneto-optical recording devices and magneto-optical glasses. Making of glass materials (with a Faraday effect) for optical and laser-based devices.Nanoparticles of terbium oxide are used as analytical reagents for the determination of drugs in food. 

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