Neodymium(III) Oxide

Neodymium(III) Oxide or neodymium sesquioxide is the chemical compound composed of neodymium and oxygen with the formula Nd2O3. It is soluble in acid and insoluble in water. It forms very light grayish-blue hexagonal crystals.The rare-earth mixture didymium, previously believed to be an element, partially consists of neodymium(III) oxide.

Neodymium Oxide is a highly insoluble thermally stable neodymium source suitable for glass, optic and ceramic applications. Primary applications include lasers, glass coloring and tinting, and dielectrics. Neodymium Oxide is also available in pellets, pieces, sputtering targets, tablets, and nanopowder.

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Neodymium(III) Oxide Properties

CAS No.: 1313-97-9
Chemical formula Nd2O3
Molar mass 336.48 g/mol
Appearance light bluish gray hexagonal crystals
Density 7.24 g/cm3
Melting point 2,233 °C (4,051 °F; 2,506 K)
Boiling point 3,760 °C (6,800 °F; 4,030 K)[1]
Solubility in water .0003 g/100 mL (75 °C)

High Purity  Neodymium Oxide  Specification

Particle Size(D50)                          Min. 0.03 μm

Purity((Nd2O3)                         99.999%

TREO(Total Rare Earth Oxides)       99.3%

RE Impurities Contents ppm Non-REEs Impurities ppm
La2O3 0.7 Fe2O3 3
CeO2 0.2 SiO2 35
Pr6O11 0.6 CaO 20
Sm2O3 1.7 CL¯ 60
Eu2O3 <0.2 L.O.I 0.50%
Gd2O3 0.6
Tb4O7 0.2
Dy2O3 0.3
Ho2O3 1
Er2O3 <0.2
Tm2O3 <0.1
Yb2O3 <0.2
Lu2O3 0.1
Y2O3 <1

Packaging】25KG/bag Requirements:moisture proof, dust-free, dry, ventilate and clean.

What is Neodymium(III) Oxide used for?

Neodymium(III) Oxide is used in ceramic capacitors, color TV tubes, high temperature glazes, coloring glass, carbon-arc-light electrodes, and vacuum deposition.

Neodymium(III) Oxide is also used to dope glass, including sunglasses, make solid-state lasers, and to color glasses and enamels. Neodymium-doped glass turns purple due to the absorbance of yellow and green light, and is used in welding goggles. Some neodymium-doped glass is dichroic; that is, it changes color depending on the lighting. It is also used as a polymerization catalyst.

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