Samarium(III) Oxide

Samarium(III) Oxide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Sm2O3. It is a highly insoluble thermally stable Samarium source suitable for glass, optic and ceramic applications. Samarium oxide readily forms on the surface of samarium metal under humid conditions or temperatures in excess of 150°C in dry air. The oxide is commonly white to off yellow in color and is often encountered as a highly fine dust like pale yellow powder, which is insoluble in water.

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Samarium(III) Oxide Properties

CAS No.: 12060-58-1
Chemical formula Sm2O3
Molar mass 348.72 g/mol
Appearance yellow-white crystals
Density 8.347 g/cm3
Melting point 2,335 °C (4,235 °F; 2,608 K)
Boiling point Not Stated
Solubility in water insoluble

High Purity Samarium(III) Oxide Specification

Particle Size(D50)                           Min. 0.03 μm

Purity((Sm2O3)      99.9%
TREO(Total Rare Earth Oxides)      99.34%

RE Impurities Contents ppm Non-REEs Impurities ppm
La2O3 72 Fe2O3 9.42
CeO2 73 SiO2 29.58
Pr6O11 76 CaO 1421.88
Nd2O3 633 CL¯ 42.64
Eu2O3 22 L.O.I 0.79%
Gd2O3 <10
Tb4O7 <10
Dy2O3 <10
Ho2O3 <10
Er2O3 <10
Tm2O3 <10
Yb2O3 <10
Lu2O3 <10
Y2O3 <10

Packaging】25KG/bag Requirements:moisture proof, dust-free, dry, ventilate and clean.

What is Samarium(III) Oxide used for?

Samarium(III) Oxide is used in optical and infrared absorbing glass to absorb infrared radiation. Also, it is used as a neutron absorber in control rods for nuclear power reactors. The oxide catalyzes the dehydration and dehydrogenation of primary and secondary alcohols. Another use involves preparation of other samarium salts.

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