Vanadium Pentoxide

Vanadium Pentoxide appears as a yellow to red crystalline powder. Slightly soluble in water and denser than water. Contact may cause severe irritation to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.

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Vanadium Pentoxide
Synonyms: VANADIUM PENTOXIDE,Vanadium(V) oxide
1314-62-1,Divanadium pentaoxide,Divanadium pentoxide.

About Vanadium Pentoxide

Molecular Formula:V2O5. Molecular weight: 181.90, reddish yellow or yellowish brown powder; melting point 690℃; dissolve when temperature rises up to 1,750℃; extremely difficult to solve in water (only able to solve 70mg in 100ml water under 25℃); soluble in acid and alkaline; not soluble in alcohol.

High Grade Vanadium Pentoxide

Item No. Purity Chemical Component  ≤ %
V2O5≧%   V2O4 Si Fe S P As Na2O+K2O
UMVP980 98 2.5 0.25 0.3 0.03 0.05 0.02 1
UMVP990 99 1.5 0.1 0.1 0.01 0.03 0.01 0.7
UMVP995 99.5 1 0.08 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.25

Packaging: fiber drum (40kg), barrel (200,250kg).

What is Vanadium Pentoxide used for?

Vanadium Pentoxide is used in different industrial processes as catalyst. It is used in the oxidation of ethanol to ethanale and in the production of phthalic anydride, polyamide, oxalic acid and further products.
Vanadium Pentoxide is a highly insoluble thermally stable Vanadium source suitable for glass, optic and ceramic applications.                     Vanadium Pentoxide is also available in the material component of ferrovanadium, ferrite, batteries, phosphor, etc; catalyst for sulfuric acid, organic acid, pigment.

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