The Rare-Earth Oxides Group is sometimes referred to as just the Rare Earths or sometimes as REO. Some rare earth metals have found more down to earth applications in metallurgy, ceramics, glass making, dyes, lasers, televisions and other electrical components.  The importance of rare earth metals is most certainly on the rise. It has to be taken into account, as well, that most of the rare earth-containing materials with industrial applications are either oxides, or they are obtained from oxides. Regarding the bulk and mature industry applications of rare earth oxides, their use in catalysts formulations (such as in three way automotive catalysis), in glass-related industries (glass making, decolouring or colouring, glass polishing and other related applications), and permanent magnets manufacturing account for almost 70% of rare earth oxides usage. Other important industrial applications concern the metallurgy industry (used as additives in Fe or Al metal alloys), ceramics (specially in the case of Y), lighting-related applications (in the form of phosphors), as battery alloy components, or in solid oxide fuel cells, amongst others. Additionally, but not less important, there are lower scale applications, such as biomedical uses of nanoparticulated systems containing rare earth oxides for cancer treatment or as tumoral detection markers, or as sunscreens cosmetics for skin protection.

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