Indium Tin Oxide Powder

Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is a ternary composition of indium, tin and oxygen in varying proportions.  Tin Oxide is a solid solution of indium(III) oxide (In2O3) and tin(IV) oxide (SnO2) with unique properties as a transparent semiconductor material.

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Indium Tin Oxide Powder
Chemical formula: In2O3/SnO2
Physical and chemical properties:
Slightly blackish grey~green solid matter 
Density: around 7.15g/cm3 (Indium oxide: tin oxide=64-100 %:0-36 %)
Melting point: starting to sublimate from 1500℃ under normal pressure
Solubility: not soluble in water but soluble in hydrochloric acid or aqua regia after heating up

High QualityIndium Tin Oxide Powder Specification

Symbol Chemical Component Size
Assay   Foreign Mat.≤ppm
Cu Na Pb Fe Ni Cd Zn As Mg Al Ca Si
UMITO4N 99.99%min. In2O3:SnO2=90:10(wt%) 10 80 50 100 10 20 20 10 20 50 50 100 0.3~1.0μm
UMITO3N 99.9%min.  In2O3:SnO2=90:10(wt%) 80 50 100 150 50 80 50 50 150 50 150 30~100nm or 0.1~10μm

Packing:Plastic woven bag with plastic lining, NW: 25-50kg per bag.

What is Indium Tin Oxide Powder used for?

Indium Tin Oxide Powder is mainly used in the transparent electrode of plasma display and touch panel such as laptops and solar energy batteries.

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