Indium Ingot

Indium is a softer metal that is shiny and silvery and is commonly found in the automotive, electrical, and aerospace industries. Ingot is the simplest form of indium. Here at UrbanMines, Sizes are available from small 'finger' ingots, weighing only grams, to large ingots, weighing many kilograms.
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Indium Metal
Element symbol=In
Atomic number=49
●Boiling point=2080℃●Melting point=156.6℃

About Indium Metal

Existing amount in the earth crust is 0.05ppm and it’s generated from zinc sulfide; separate from the ashes in the zinc metallurgy, obtain the liquid of indium ion (3 of +) and make it highly pure singular matter through electrolysis. It occurs as silver white crystal. It’s soft and belongs to square crystal system. It’s stable in the air and generate In2O3 after heated up. In room temperature it can react with fluorine and chloride. It can solve in acid but not in water or alkaline solution.

High Grade Indium Ingot Specification

Item No, Chemical Component
In ≥(%) Foreign Mat.≤ppm
Cu Pb Zn Cd Fe Tl Sn As Al Mg Si S Ag Ni Total
UMIG6N 99.9999 1 1 - 0.5 1 - 3 - - 1 1 1 - - -
UMIG5N 99.999 4 10 5 5 5 10 15 5 5 5 10 10 5 5 -
UMIG4N 99.993 5 10 15 15 7 10 15 5 5 - - - - - 70
UMIG3N 99.97 10 50 30 40 10 10 20 10 10 - - - - - 300

Package:500±50g/ingot, encapsulated with polyethylene file bag, put in wood box, 

What is Indium Ingot used for?

Indium Ingot mainly used in ITO target, bearing alloys; as a thin film on moving surfaces made from other metals. In dental alloys. In semiconductor research. In nuclear reactor control rods (in the form of an Ag-In-Cd alloy). 

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