URBANMINES TECH. LIMITED is a worldwide supplier of Rare Metal Oxides and Compounds,  Rare-Earth Oxides and Compounds, and high purity raw materials. It was established in 2010 to OEM and supply high quality Rare Metal and Rare Earth products to our customers in the research and development fields. It has been ten years since then, and URBANMINES has grown to lead the industry as a comprehensive Rare Metal & Rare Earth products supplier that carries out integrated production from raw materials to high purity oxides & compounds.  

  To meet increasing demands for these materials, URBANMINES now carries a variety of materials to serve not only our customers in research and development but also manufacturers in the industries of special metal alloy, semiconductor, lithium battery, atomic force battery, optical fiber glass, radiation glass, PZT piezoelectric ceramics, chemical catalyst, ternary catalyst, photocatalyst and medical equipment. URBANMINES carries both technical grade materials for industries as well as high purity oxides and compounds (up to 99.9999%) for research institutes. 

  HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS WIN, this's what we're all about URBANMINES TECH. LIMITED. We strive to supply our customers with high quality and reliable products at competitive prices. Because we understand the importance of reliable and consistent materials to our customers' R & D and production needs, we have established solid relationships with our OEM manufacturers. By frequently visiting our manufacturers and talking with their management, production and QC engineers, and workers in production lines about the quality we seek, we create truly working partnerships. It is these valued friendships, built over many years, that allow us to supply consistent and high quality products to our customers over the world. 

    As the world changes, so do we. Our experts and engineers are continually pushing the boundaries of advanced material solutions–innovating to ensure our customers are on the cutting edge in their respective markets. Our URBANMINES team works tirelessly to serve our customers, staying at the forefront of technologies essential to their success.

  We are making a difference. Everyday. For our customers. For consumers. For our team. For the world.

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