• Cerium Oxide Dec 27 , 2020
    【Background and General Situation】 Rare earth elements are the floorboard of IIIB scandium, yttrium and lanthanum in the periodic table. There are l7 elements. Rare earth has unique physical and chemical properties and has been widely used in industry, agriculture and other fields. The purity of rare earth compounds directly determines the special properties of the materials. Different purity of r...
  • Is Barium An Infamous Element? Oct 27 , 2020
    The element barium is known to be toxic, but its compound barium sulfate can act as a contrast agent for these scans. It has been medically proven that barium ions in salt interfere with the body's calcium and potassium metabolism, causing problems such as muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, irregular heart conditions and even paralysis. This is why many people think that barium is a notorious ...
  • 5G New Infrastructures Drive Tantalum Industry Chain Oct 18 , 2020
    5G New Infrastructures Drive Tantalum Industry Chain 5G is injecting new momentum into China's economic development, and new infrastructure has also led the pace of domestic construction into an accelerated period. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclosed in May that the country was adding more than 10,000 new 5G base stations a week. China's domestic 5G base station const...
  • Does Japan need to significantly increase its rare-earth stockpiles? Oct 15 , 2020
    These years, there have been frequent reports in the news media that the Japanese government will strengthen its reserve system for rare metals used in industrial products such as electric cars. Japan's reserves of minor metals are now guaranteed for 60 days of domestic consumption and are set to expand to more than six months. Minor metals are essential to Japan's cutting-edge industries but are ...
    The US-China trade war has raised apprehensions over China leveraging through rare earth metals trade. About • Rising tensions between the United States and China have sparked concerns that Beijing could use its dominant position as a supplier of rare earths for leverage in the trade war between the two global economic powers. What are Rare Earth Metals? • Rare earth metals are a group of 17 eleme...

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