Bismuth Nitrate

Bismuth(III) Nitrate is a salt composed of bismuth in its cationic +3 oxidation state and nitrate anions, which the most common solid form is the pentahydrate. It is used in the synthesis of other bismuth compounds.

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Bismuth Nitrate
Cas No.10361-44-11
Nickname: Bismuth trinitrate;Bismuth ternitrate

Bismuth Nitrate Properties

Bi(NO3)3·5H20  Molecular Weight: 485.10; Colorless crystal of triclinic crystal system; Relative weight: 2.82; Boiling point: 75~81℃ (dissolution). Dissolvable in the water solution of dilute nitric acid and sodium chlorite but unable to dissolve in alcohol or acetic acid ethyl.

AR&CP Grade Bismuth Nitrate Specification

Item No. Grade Chemical Component
Assay ≥(%) Foreign Mat.≤ppm
Nitrate Insoluble  Chloride(CL) Sulfate(SO4) Iron(Fe) Coper(Cu) Arsenic(As) Argentine(Ag) Lead(Pb) Non-sludge in H2S
UMBNAR99 AR 99.0 50 20 50 5 10 3 10 50 500
CP 99.0 100 50 100 10 30 5 30 100 1000

Packing:25kg/bag,paper and plastic compound bag with inner one layer of plastic bag.

What is Bismuth Nitrate used for?

Used for the precipitation reaction of all kinds of catalyst raw materials, luminous coatings, enamel and alkaloid.

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