• Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Grinding Beads(Y2O3・ZrO2)
    Typical Applications of YSZ Media: • Paint Industry: For the high purity grinding of paints and creation of paint dispersions • Electronic Industry: Magnetic materials, piezoelectric materials, dielectric materials for high purity grinding where the media should not discolor the mix being ground or cause any impurity due to wearing of the media •  Food and Cosmetic Industry: It is used in food and cosmetic industry due to its lack of contamination to in the materials being ground • Pharmaceutical Industry: For high purity grinding and mixing in the Pharmaceutical industry due to its extremely low wear rate Applications for 0.8~1.0 mm Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Micro Milling Media These YSZ microbeads can used in milling and dispersion of following materials: Coating, paints, printing and inkjet inks Pigments and dyes Pharmaceuticals Food Electronic materials and components e.g. CMP slurry, ceramic capacitors, lithium iron phosphate battery Chemicals including Agrochemicals e.g. fungicides, insecticides Minerals e.g. TiO2, GCC, and Zircon Bio-tech (DNA & RNA isolation) Applications for 0.1 mm Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Micro Milling Media This product has been popularly used in bio-technology, DNA, RNA and protein extraction and isolation. -Used for bead based nucleic acid or protein extraction. -Adapted for use in protein and nucleic acid separation. -Suitable for downstream scientific studies utilizing sequencing and PCR, or associated techniques. This product is in stock for immediate shipment. Please order your 0.1 mm zirconia beads online or send your PO to For bulk orders, please contact us for volume discount.

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