Scattered Metals include gallium (Ga), indium (In), thanllium (Tl), germanium (Ge), selenium (Se), tellurium (Te), and rhenium (Re). This group of metals have relatively low abundance in the earth’s crust but play very important role in a wide spectrum of industries. For example, the scattered metals are widely recognized as the supporting materials for electronic computer communication, aerospace, energy, and medicine & health sectors. “Green Process” essentially characterized of extractant recycling, energy efficiency, zero discharge will become the major components for future metallurgy for these metals.
Scattered metals play irreplaceable role in some clean energy technologies and advanced materials, and they will become much more important in the future. Global consumption of scattered metals has significantly grown in recent decades. However, at present, imbalances of exploitation, manufacturing and recycling of scattered metals are quite severe resulting in some uncertain supply risk. Hence, securing reliable, ordered and sustainable access to these scattered metals from minerals, functional products to wastes is necessary.
UrbanMins’ technical researchers have focused on scattered metals in wastes and investigates minerals distribution, material flow, and current recycling technology of scattered metals from minerals to wastes. Especially, for the recycling technology, some representative methods including selective extraction, ion exchange and flotation, precipitation and vacuum metallurgical technology etc, the specific procedures, reagent, optimization and recycling situation of scattered metals were summarized in the review.
The recycling of Scattered Metal provides sustainable solutions for the decentralized world.

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