Precious metal catalysts are noble metals widely used in the chemical industry owing to their ability to speed up the chemical process. Gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and silver are some of the examples of precious metals. These catalysts are primarily used for organic synthesis reactions.
Precious metal catalysts are those which consist of highly dispersed nano-scale precious metal particles supported on a high surface area such as carbon, silica, and alumina. These catalysts have several applications in a variety of industries. Each precious metal catalyst has unique characteristics. These catalysts are primarily used for organic synthesis reactions. Factors such as growing demand from end-use sectors, environmental concerns and their legal implications are driving the market growth. Though, high production costs are restraining the market. Moreover, increasing investment in automobile sector and increasing demand for maintaining high octane number are the opportunities for the Precious metal catalysts.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best recycling technology for optimising their catalytic processes and minimising catalyst cost contribution.
By applying the extensive guidance and research from our experts, we can recycle catalysts for your specific needs giving you the best catalyst and process parameters for success.

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