Polycrystalline Silicon Wafers are made by wire-sawing block-cast silicon ingots into thin slices. The front side of the polycrystalline silicon wafers is lightly p-type-doped. The backside is n-type-doped. In contrast, the front side is n-doped. These two types of semiconductors can be used in many electronic devices.

A Semiconductor Wafer is a thin slice of semiconductor substance, like crystalline silicon, used in electronics for the making of integrated circuits. In the electronics jargon, a thin slice of semiconductor material is called as a wafer or a slice or substrate. It could be a crystalline silicon (C-Si), which is used in the making of integrated circuits, photovoltaics solar cells and other micro devices.

The wafer serves as the substrate for microelectronic devices built in and upon the wafer. It undergoes many microfabrication processes, such as doping, ion implantation, etching, thin-film deposition of various materials, and photolithographic patterning. Finally, the individual microcircuits are separated by wafer dicing and packaged as an integrated circuit.

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    Purchasing & Recycling IC Wafers
    UrbanMines purchases and recycles a variety of defected, broken or unused IC Wafer to semiconductor grade ingots producers, polysilicon producers, semiconductor IC wafer producers, R&D centers and equipment manufacturers. China domestic network of partnerships with qualified semiconductor manufactures make us have constant demand of IC grade wafer for either commercial production or testing purposes. UrbanMines is also developing a playback service for dummy test wafers responding to the needs of domestic production in China. Service: inspection, purchase, sorting, film/coating/pattern, polishing, reduction, re-packing, shipment from site. Please don’t be hesitated to contact us for further information and details.

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