Neodymium, 60Nd
Atomic number (Z) 60
Phase at STP solid
Melting point 1297 K (1024 °C, 1875 °F)
Boiling point 3347 K (3074 °C, 5565 °F)
Density (near r.t.) 7.01 g/cm3
when liquid (at m.p.) 6.89 g/cm3
Heat of fusion 7.14 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization 289 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity 27.45 J/(mol·K)
  • high grade Neodymium Oxide
    high grade Neodymium Oxide
    Neodymium(III) Oxide
    Neodymium(III) Oxide or neodymium sesquioxide is the chemical compound composed of neodymium and oxygen with the formula Nd2O3. It is soluble in acid and insoluble in water. It forms very light grayish-blue hexagonal crystals.The rare-earth mixture didymium, previously believed to be an element, partially consists of neodymium(III) oxide. Neodymium Oxide is a highly insoluble thermally stable neodymium source suitable for glass, optic and ceramic applications. Primary applications include lasers, glass coloring and tinting, and dielectrics. Neodymium Oxide is also available in pellets, pieces, sputtering targets, tablets, and nanopowder.

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