CAS: 1309-36-0
Shape: a crystal occurs as cubic or hexagonal 12-side. The collective body often occurs as close blocks, grains or soaked status.
Color: light brass color or golden color
Streak: greenish black or black
Luster: metal
Hardness: 6~6.5
Density: 4.9~5.2g/cm3
Electricity conductivity: weak
Difference from other pyrite ore
Pyrite is the most widely distributed metal in the crust. Usually it occurs as idiomorphic crystal with strong metal luster, which makes it easy to differentiate from other metal. It’s similar to chalcopyrite but shows lighter luster and a higher percentage of idiomorphic crystal. It is usually co-generated together with all kinds of pyrite such as chalcopyrite and chalcopyrite and exists in rhodochrosite in the form of grain crystal.

  • pyrite powder
    pyrite powder
    Mineral Pyrite(FeS2)
    UranMines produce and process pyrite products by flotation of primary ore, which is high quality ore crystal with high purity and very little impurity content. In addition, we mill the high quality pyrite ore into powder or other required size, so as to guarantee the purity of sulphur, few harmful impurity, demanded particle size and dryness. Pyrite Products are widely used as resulfurization for free cutting steel smelting and casting furnace charge, grinding wheel abrasive filler, soil conditioner, heavy metal waste water treatment absorbent, cored wires filling material, lithium battery cathode material and other industries. Ratification and favourable comment having got users globally.

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