UrbanMining(E-Waste) is a recycling concept proposed by Professor Nannjyou Michio in 1988, who is the Professor of Japan TOHOKU University Mining and Smelting Research Institute. Waste industrial products accumulated in urban city are regarded as resources and named "urban mines". It is a sustainable development concept that human actively try to extract value metallic resource from waste electronic products. As a specific example of an urban mine, there are various parts in printed circuit board(called "urban ore" for urban mine) of electronic device such as mobile phone, and each part contains rare and valuable metallic resource including rare metals and rare earths.

  Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Chinese government's policy of reform and opening up has promoted economic development rapidly. Printed Circuit boards, IC lead frame and precision electronic connectors used in 3C equipment were booming industry and generated much waste scrap. At the beginning of our company's headquarter establishment in 2007 at HongKong, we started to recycle printed circuit boards and copper alloy scrap from stamping manufactures in HongKong and South China. We setted out as a materials recycling enterprise, which gradually evolved into the materials technology and recycling company UrbanMines is today. The company name and brand name UrbanMines not only referred to its historical roots of materials recycling, but also referred to symbolise this trend of resource recycling and advanced materials.

   "Unlimited Consumption, Limited Resources; Using Subtraction to Calculate Resources, Using Division to Calculate Consumption". Rising to the challenges posed by key megatrends such as resource scarcity and the need for renewable energy, UrbanMines defined its growth strategy “Vision Future”, combining an ambitious technology and business roadmap with a fully integrated sustainable development approach. The strategic roadmap was centered around dedicated growth initiatives in high purity rare metal compounds and rare-earth compounds, new recycling capacities and capabilities offered by innovative technologies, new generations of advanced materials for High-Tech industry applications and new materials for unbeknown applications.

  In near future, UrbanMines aims to become a clear leader in advanced materials and recycling, to turn its leadership in sustainability into a greater competitive edge.

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