• Colloidal Antimony Pentoxide Flame Retardant
    Colloidal Antimony Pentoxide Flame Retardant May 24 , 2022
    Colloidal antimony pentoxide is an antimony flame retardant product developed by industrialized countries in the late 1970s. Compared with antimony trioxide flame retardant, it has the following application characteristics: 1. The colloidal antimony pentoxide flame retardant has a small amount of smoke. Generally, the lethal dose LD50 of antimony trioxide to rats (abdominal cavity) is 3250 mg/kg, ...
  • The Future of Cerium Oxide in Polishing
    The Future of Cerium Oxide in Polishing May 14 , 2022
    The rapid development in the fields of information and optoelectronics has promoted the continuous updating of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) technology. In addition to equipment and materials, the acquisition of ultra-high-precision surfaces is more dependent on the design and industrial production of high-efficiency abrasive particles, as well as the preparation of the corresponding polishi...
  • Cerium Carbonate
    Cerium Carbonate Apr 17 , 2022
    In recent years, the application of lanthanide reagents in organic synthesis has been developed by leaps and bounds. Among them, many lanthanide reagents were found to have obvious selective catalysis in the reaction of carbon-carbon bond formation; at the same time, many lanthanide reagents were found to have excellent characteristics in organic oxidation reactions and organic reduction reactions...
  • What dose strontium carbonate do in a glaze?
    What dose strontium carbonate do in a glaze? Feb 27 , 2022
    The role of strontium carbonate in glaze: frit is to pre-smelt the raw material or become a glass body, which is a commonly used flux raw material for ceramic glaze. When pre-smelted into flux, most of the gas can be removed from the glaze raw material, thus reducing the generation of bubbles and small holes on the ceramic glaze surface. This is especially significant for ceramic products with hig...
  • Will
    Will "cobalt," which is also used in electric vehicle batteries, be depleted faster than petroleum? Nov 13 , 2021
    Cobalt is a metal used in many electric vehicle batteries. The news is that Tesla will use "cobalt-free" batteries, but what kind of "resource" is cobalt? I will summarize from the basic knowledge you want to know. Its name is Conflict Minerals Derived from Demon Do you know the element cobalt? Not only contained in batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) and smartphones, but also used in heat-resist...
  • Cs0.33WO3 Transparent Thermal Insulation Coating--Intelligent Era, Intelligent Thermal Insulation Sep 28 , 2021
    In this intelligent era, we are increasingly inclined to choose smart heat insulation methods.Cs0.33WO3 transparent thermal insulation coating, a kind of thermal insulation materials with certain application prospects, is expected to replace the existence of thermal insulation materials such as ATO andITO, if it is made intelligent and controllable, it will have a broader development prospect...
  • Strontium Carbonate market demand analysis and price trend at China
    Strontium Carbonate market demand analysis and price trend at China Sep 22 , 2021
    With the implementation of China's storage and warehousing policy, the prices of major non-ferrous metals such as copper oxide, zinc, and aluminum will definitely pull back. This trend has been reflected in the stock market last month. In the short term, the prices of bulk commodities have at least stabilized, and there is still room for further declines in the prices of products that have increas...
  • The difference between Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide
    The difference between Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide May 29 , 2021
    Lithium Carbonate and Lithium Hydroxide are both raw materials for batteries, and the price of lithium carbonate has always been some cheaper than lithium hydroxide. What is the difference between the two materials? Firstly, in production process, both can be extracted from lithium pyroxase, the cost gap is not so big. However if the two switch to each other, the additional cost and equipment are ...
  • Cerium Oxide Dec 27 , 2020
    【Background and General Situation】 Rare earth elements are the floorboard of IIIB scandium, yttrium and lanthanum in the periodic table. There are l7 elements. Rare earth has unique physical and chemical properties and has been widely used in industry, agriculture and other fields. The purity of rare earth compounds directly determines the special properties of the materials. Different purity of r...
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